เด็กๆจะมีวิถีชีวิตที่ดีขึ้น ได้รับการดูแลอย่างทั่วถึง ช่วยให้เด็กมีสุขภาพกายและใจที่มีความสุข มีกำลังใจที่ดี พัฒนาทั้งในด้านการศึกษา และพัฒนาความสามารถจนถึงมีอาชีพทำเพื่อดูแลตนเองได้

Working Principles of Ban Yindee

Every child will be cared for in a way that he or she will grow up in a substitute family with an atmosphere of security, and overflowing with love, until they have received adequate education to go out and have an occupation and take care of and improve themselves in the following five areas:

1). Physical

Every child has parents who nurture them with love and security, receiving each one as a full member of the family without conditions and with solid, lasting relationships. Parents will love all children equally, and children of all ages will relate to each other as brothers and sisters, as one family. Each child will be safe, and will be nourished with food from all five food groups. They will be provided with clothing and good health care, including vaccinations against various illnesses, and regular health check-ups.


Ban Yindee is located in the community of Phae Wangkhum Ngoen, which is a loving community of people who depend on and help each other. There is healthy fellowship and a community atmosphere throughout the village.


Education is an important thing for every child to receive. It is therefore necessary to plant that importance in their minds, and to provide for and direct their education at each age level.
3.1. Elementary Education

Children ages 6 to 7 will enter the local government school (Jedi Maekhrua School). They will learn all subjects alongside other children in the general population. Subjects will include reading, writing, Thai and English languages, as well as other general subjects.
3.2. Secondary Education

Following elementary level education the children will have the opportunity to study an additional six years, in preparation for future career opportunities. After an initial three years of secondary school, they will choose between three more years of either technical or regular education in preparation for university.
 Primary Goal The goal is for each child in the project to complete six years of secondary education.


Children who lack security and caring, who have psychological pain and scars, and who have not been treated, will grow into troubled, selfish and manipulative adults. This is because in their hearts they have not received genuine love and security. It is therefore essential to provide psychological care to them beginning from childhood.


The spiritual side of all human beings contains a conscience. This is the most important part. Therefore every child must have love, morality and justice from childhood. As the proverb states, "Softwood is easy to shape; old wood is hard to shape."