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About Banyindee Orphanage

Principles and Reasons

orphan need help The fact is that society currently has many orphaned, underprivileged and homeless children, many of whom are addicted to drugs, or must panhandle or sell their bodies to survive. There may be several reasons for this, such as divorce of parents, parents involved in drug trade, poverty due to parents having too many children or death of parents. '
As for these orphaned or underprivileged children, society does not accept or provide opportunities or education to them; but rather looks down on them. These children are discarded and ignored, not shown any interest. This is a serious social problem. These children have no hope, no way out, only distress and sorrow. They are deprived of love and security, and appear to have no value. But in the heart of every child there is a desire for the opportunity to be well educated and participate in society.
If they were to receive the same good care that other children receive, they would not have to feel inferior, and could hope for higher achievement in their lives. They could participate in improving their communities and society at large, and have a bright and clear future, all because they have received security and justice. They could thereby have a high quality of life in every aspect, and be ready to participate in their communities and society effectively.